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Calculated Success 2019 Info

Get prepared for your first college math class!

June 24–July 26 Online

Registration opens in March

Questions? Email or call 509-335-2238

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a day will my son/daughter need to work on the course?

The course is five weeks long, so we recommend about 8-12 hours a week for optimal utilization of the ALEKS software. There will be office hours (schedule to be determined), to assist your student, available via the Blackboard webspace.

We have a family vacation scheduled during portions of Calculated Success. Can my student still take the course?

Because Calculated Success is online, it’s up to the student to proactively complete their work and utilize their time to get the best outcome. Students will only get what they put into this course, so if they are able to do work while on vacation, or get ahead before a vacation, then students can take breaks.