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Program Description and Courses

Calculated Success 2020 Info

Get prepared for your first college math class!

June 29–July 31 Online

Registration opens March 2020

Questions? Email or call 509-335-2238

Academic Preparation

Calculated Success provides:

  • An individualized program that focuses on the math skills you need most
  • Personalized tutoring from WSU math instructors
  • Practice and mentoring in college study skills and time-management techniques

The program also includes an opportunity to retake the Math Placement Assessment (free of charge) so if you closely missed the cutoff for the math class you need, Calculated Success can help you get in.

Calculated Success Courses

Calculated Success is made up of two credits, Math 110 and University 100.

  • In Math 110, you will practice foundational math skills and work on programs individually tailored to build your personal math proficiency. This will be accomplished through instructor-led individual work and breakout sessions for specific topics.
  • University 100 gives students strategies for effective study habits, schedule planning, time management, and the transition from high school or community college to a University setting whether on campus or online.

Stats about the Program

Previous participants saw growth of ALEKS scores anywhere from 4 points to 37 points. In 2016, the average initial ALEKS score was 45, and the new average, after the program, was 60. The program allows you to work on the concepts you individually are struggling with, in an environment that has immediate assistance from the instructor and the teaching assistants.

A Math Class and More!

At WSU, you will likely be required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. The score you get on the assessment will determine your first math class.

These courses below require the following ALEKS scores.

WSU Math CourseALEKS ScoreOR Prerequisite Course Completion (min. grade of C required)
100: Basic Mathematics1-39N/A
103: Algebra Methods and Introduction to Functions40-69100
105: Exploring Mathematics*45-69103
106: College Algebra70-75103
106: College Algebra (Accelerated version)75-79103, with a B or better
108: TrigonometryN/A106 must be taken concurrently
140: Calculus for Life Scientists*80-82106 & 108
171: Calculus I*83 or higher106 & 108
172: Calculus IIN/A171
201: Mathematics for Business & Economics65-79103
202: Calculus for Business and Economics*80106 or 201
205: Statistical Thinking45103
212: Introduction for Statistical Methods45103
220: Introductory Linear AlgebraN/A171 or concurrently
251: Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I45103
273: Calculus IIIN/A172
315: Differential EquationsN/A220 and 273 (220 may be taken concurrently)

Some of these courses can be accomplished with the College Board A.P. Calculus Test or Smarter Balanced Assessments. For more information, please review the placement chart (pdf).

Regardless of your major, you will be required to have one UCORE  [QUAN] Requirement. Though there are more than just math courses that meet this requirement, the Math classes that do meet UCORE [QUAN] requirements are marked with an * in the chart above.

Depending on your major, however, you could be required to take more than just one math course, and you could have an ALEKS score that does not meet the minimum requirements for your first math class. That’s where we come in! Calculated Success will provide you with intensive, individualized help on the skills and concepts you will need to be proficient on to take the courses your major or program requires.