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Summer Advantage 2020 Info

Summer Advantage 2020 Cancelled

Summer Advantage 2020 has been cancelled due to concerns about the course of COVID-19, but you can still take WSU summer courses at a distance. Pullman campus summer courses will be delivered remotely using Zoom and Blackboard, our learning management system. To learn about summer financial aid opportunities visit the Student Financial Services Summer Aid website.

The Details

Summer Advantage students attend Alive! before the start of Summer Advantage. Below are details to expect when you attend Summer Advantage:

  • Students will attend class daily.
  • Each week students will attend residence hall meetings. During the meetings they will have a chance to voice opinions, concerns, plan activities, and develop a sense of community.
  • Each week an academic assistance seminar will be offered. Topics range from enhancing study skills, test preparation, test-taking techniques, library proficiency, awareness of majors, and awareness of college finances.
  • During the summer there are many activities and events occurring on campus and in the city of Pullman. Activities include free concerts in the park, free movies, intramural sports, and barbeques.
  • Weekends can be spent getting to know the Palouse and surrounding areas. Outings are planned for each weekend.

Please visit the Alive! website to view the full list of orientation dates.