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Summer Session 2021 has closed.

Summer Session 2022 will begin one week later than in previous years.

Please check back in December for complete Summer Session 2022 information.

Summer 2022 Sessions*

SessionSession BeginsSession Ends
12 Week / RegularMay 16, 2022August 5, 2022
6 Week 1May 16, 2022June 26, 2022
7 Week 1May 16, 2022July 3, 2022
6 Week 2June 27, 2022August 7, 2022
7 Week 21July 4, 2022August 21, 2022
IntersessionJuly 30, 2022August 21, 2022

*Dynamic Dated Courses may be scheduled outside the sessions listed above, with start and end dates between May 16 and August 21.

Summer Session News

  • Earn Three Credits in Three Weeks with Intersession!

    In only three weeks, you can get three credits closer to earning your WSU diploma by enrolling in an online course during Intersession! 

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  • Summer Ceramics Course Enables Hands-On Online Learning

    For Summer Session 2021, Washington State University is offering a brand-new online ceramics course that allows students to learn how to create sculptural pieces from the comfort of their homes. The course, offered through WSU Global Campus, is an example of the WSU Department of Fine Art’s recent emphasis on providing hands-on, artistic learning experiences in an online setting.

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  • Young teacher or librarian or bookstore owner standing in front of a bookcase. Summer Course Opportunity: Introduction to Literature Online

    Want to spend your summer exploring some fascinating literature? Introduction to Literature (English 108) is a 3 credit course in 4 weeks, from May 10-June 4.

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  • Photo: Closeup of hand holding pencil, writing sheet music propped against piano. Learn About Music Over the Summer!

    Want to explore the fascinating world of music this summer? The School of Music offers a diverse set of UCORE courses throughout the summer that enable students to concentrate on their major requirements during the fall and spring terms.

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  • A detailed interior view of the US Capitol Building dome Washington DC Exciting Poli Sci Summer Course Opportunity!

    Here’s a great Summer Session course opportunity! POL_S 435 – Politics of Developing Nations will explore the meaning of political and economic development around the world, especially in the context of globalization, focusing on the historical background of developing countries and some of the major issues, including the effects of colonialism, civil war, authoritarianism, global institutions, and the role of democratization in the developing world.

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