Winter Session —
Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Session 2024 Info

Earn three credits online during Winter Session!

3-week courses: December 14, 2024 – January 05, 2025
6-week courses: November 25, 2024 – January 05, 2025

Questions? Email or call 509-335-3557

Does Winter Session have advising holds?

No, there are no advising holds for Winter Session, but be sure to let your academic advisor know if you plan to take a Winter Session course.

Is participation in the Winter Session required to complete my degree?

No, participation in a Winter Session course is not required. Rather, these courses are provided as an opportunity to decrease time to degree or enrich the educational experience.

How much is tuition?

Tuition rates for Winter Session will be posted on the Tuition & Fees page.

When is tuition due?

Tuition due dates for the 3-week and 6-week winter sessions can be found on the Dates and Deadlines page.

Besides tuition, are there any other fees?

Courses may have media fees. In the Schedule of Classes, find your Winter Session course and section in the Global Campus, Fall term. Select the More Info link listed with the course to see if there are any fees. If information is not yet listed, please check back.

Can I receive financial aid for Winter Session?

Please refer to the Tuitions and Fees page for financial aid information.

Can I use tuition waiver exemptions to cover the cost of Winter Session courses?

Winter Session course fees cannot be paid by tuition waiver exemptions as these courses are self-sustaining (not funded by state funds) and fully dependent on fees to cover the cost of instruction. Fee waivers authorized under RCW 28B.15.910 apply only to state-supported courses.

Can WSU staff take courses using the tuition waiver?

No. Because these courses are self-sustaining, they are not eligible for the tuition waiver.

How and when can I drop a Winter Session course?

Please visit the Winter Session Dates and Deadlines page to find the dates you can drop your course with a refund or withdraw from your course without a refund.

What course materials will I need?

Information is available in the Schedule of Classes, on The Bookie website, and in your myWSU Student Center. Find more information on Global Campus’ Textbooks page.

Where do I purchase required textbooks?

Students may order Winter Session textbooks online on The Bookie website or purchase them at The Bookie store on the Pullman campus. Online orders should be placed no later than two weeks before the course start date, to allow adequate time for required materials to arrive before classes begin.

Will I have exams in my courses?

Most courses in Winter Session have exams, and a few courses have exams that will be proctored virtually. This means that you will use an online platform to have your test overseen by an authorized, neutral proctor, who ensures the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test-taking environment.

To find out if a course requires proctoring, visit the course “More Information” page which can be found on the schedule of classes website. If your course requires proctoring, visit the Global Campus Proctoring Service website for information on requirements.

When will access to my course space open up in Canvas?

Canvas course spaces are scheduled to be opened by the Monday prior to the first day of the session. When your course space opens, you can begin preparing by familiarizing yourself with the syllabus and schedule, and by ensuring that you have all required materials. Submission of assignments prior to the first day of class is not recommended. Course spaces are accessed through

What if I need disability-related accommodations?

If you need disability-related accommodations, please contact the WSU Access Center as soon as possible to discuss the accommodations that you may need.

How does the WSU Winter Closure affect support for my course?

WSU has reduced operations for about 10 days over the winter holidays. However, WSU Global campus has staff who regularly check both email and voicemail during these reduced operations. Guidance is given below about who to contact during these reduced operations days.

What if my course does not appear in Canvas?

If you don’t see your Winter Session class by Noon on the Monday prior to the first day of Winter Session, please confirm your enrollment in the course in myWSU and confirm the class start date. If your enrollment and start date check out, but the course does not appear in Canvas, then email Global Campus Academic Technology Support at

Who do I contact if I have trouble logging into Canvas, myWSU or Outlook Email?

Please email Global Campus Academic Technology Support at

Who should I contact if I am not able to drop/withdraw from my course?

Please email Global Campus Registrar at

My instructor is not responding to my email within 48 hours. Who can I contact for support?

Please email Global Campus Registrar at

Who can I contact with questions that are not listed above?

Please email Global Campus Registrar at