Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Session 2023 Info

There are no summer advising holds, but be sure to discuss your summer enrollment plans with your advisor.

2023 Sessions

Early 6-week  |
Early 7-week  |
12-week/Reg.  |
Late 6-week  |
Late 7-week  |
Intersession  |

May 8–June 18
May 8–June 25
May 8–July 28
June 19-July 28
June 26-Aug 13
July 29-Aug 20

2023 Registration Dates

Priority/Seniors  |
Juniors  |
Sophomores  |
Freshmen/Non-Degree  |

March 6
March 7
March 8
March 9

You have questions, we have answers

How do I know which courses have additional fees?

Visit and select the “course fees” link in the navigation menu. Choose the subject area and click the “Report” button. The courses that have fees will be listed. Hover your mouse pointer over the dollar sign ($) to see the amount of the fee.

You can also access fee information for a specific course in myWSU. After selecting the link for a course in myWSU, the Class Information pop-up window will appear with several tabs to review. Any fees will be listed in the Enrollment Information tab.

If I drop a course, will it be on my transcript?

If you drop before the drop deadline it is called a “drop without penalty,” which means there will be no record of this course on your transcript.

If you drop after the drop deadline it is called a “drop with penalty” and a record of the withdrawal will appear on your transcript.

There are different drop deadlines for each session during the summer. Visit the Dates and Deadlines page for details.

I am trying to drop my class, but when I hit “finish” I receive an error that dropping this course will put me below the minimum enrollment requirement. What does that mean and how do I drop this class?

Students are not able to drop their last remaining course in any term via their myWSU account. In order to drop your last course, you must withdraw from the current term. To complete a Term Withdrawal request, visit the registrar’s Term Withdrawal web page. The withdrawal request must be submitted by the last day of class.

If I cancel my enrollment for the Summer, will that affect my Fall enrollment?

No, a summer Term Withdrawal is only effective for the current term. You will remain enrolled in your Fall courses.

Can I use my Fall financial aid to pay Summer tuition?

No, Summer Session financial aid is awarded separately and only summer aid can be used to pay for summer tuition. For more information regarding summer financial aid visit the Student Financial Services Summer Session web page.

For all other questions, please contact the Summer Session office.