Summer Session —
How to Register

Summer Session 2024 Info

There are no summer advising holds, but be sure to discuss your summer enrollment plans with your advisor.

2024 Sessions

Early 6-week  |
Early 7-week  |
12-week/Reg.  |
Late 6-week  |
Late 7-week  |
Intersession  |

May 6–June 16
May 6–June 23
May 6–July 26
June 17-July 26
June 24-Aug 11
July 27-Aug 18

2024 Registration Dates

Seniors/Post-bacc’s  |
Juniors  |
Sophomores  |
Freshmen/Non-Degree  |

March 4
March 5
March 6
March 7

During Summer Session, currently enrolled WSU students can take classes from any WSU campus, or from multiple campuses (for example, one class from Pullman Campus and one class from the Global Campus). During Summer, there is no need to fill out an intercampus enrollment request or a permanent change of campus form. 

To begin:
Log in to, using your NID and password, and follow the steps below.

Shopping and Enrolling in Classes

Enrollment for summer term courses opens in myWSU in March.

Screenshot: myWSU Student Homepage.

To enroll in the courses, follow these steps:

From your Student Homepage, select the Tasks tile. The Tasks section provides information on To Do List items and active Holds.

To Do List items communicate the status of tasks that you need to complete, such as applying for financial aid.

Holds block your ability to register for classes, drop classes, or receive transcripts. The Hold Details screen will tell you what hold you have, the semester the hold impacts, and who to contact if you have questions.

From your Student Homepage select the Manage Classes tile, and then select Enrollment Dates to view the date and time you’re eligible to enroll.

To search for classes, students should follow the steps below.

  1. Within Manage Classes, select Class Search and Enroll then choose the term in which you want to enroll, 2023 Summer.
  2. The Search for Classes field will appear. Select Additional ways to search, listed below the search box.
  3. A pop-up window will appear with several search options available.
  4. Start by selecting your career from the Career drop down menu. If you are seeking a Bachelor’s degree you will choose Undergraduate. If you are in a Graduate program outside of an MBA, pick Graduate. MBA students should pick Business.
  5. After selecting your career, select the campus of your choice from the Campus menu to show only courses offered by that campus. After that you can refine your search using any of the options listed. Be sure to review the tips provided below for ways to refine your search results and find courses that fit your schedule and needs.
  6. Once you’ve identified a course you’d like to know more about, select the course.

  1. Information about the course will be displayed in two menus, Course Information and Class Selection.
    1. Course Information: Provides the WSU course catalog description and basic course details.
    2. Class Selection: Additional details such as status, session, class, meeting dates, and seats will be displayed. Pay special attention to the Session and Meeting Dates. Select the hyperlink listed under Class for additional course information. 
  2. After selecting the Class link, the Class Information pop-up window will appear with several tabs to review. Be sure to look at what’s listed in the Enrollment Information tab, such as:
    • Special Course Fees, if any.
    • Under Requirement, are there Course Prerequisites? If so, do you meet the prerequisites? 
    • Class Note: If the course is a Global Campus course, there may be a web address in this section, to the course More Information page. The More Information page provides important details about required course materials, textbooks, proctoring requirements, even syllabi.
      Heads up! Global Campus course More Information pages may not list course details until a few weeks before the session begins. If no information is listed, be sure to check back.
    • Class Attributes will indicate if the course fulfills a UCORE.
  3. If you’re ready to add the course to your shopping cart—and ultimately enroll—close the Class Information pop-up window and select the arrow on the right side of the Class Selection. After that continue on to Step 5 below.

  1. Review Class Selection: Check that you’ve selected the right course.
  2. Review Class Preferences: If the course is full, here’s where you can request to be added to the waitlist. After you indicate Yes or No, you must also select Accept to continue.
  3. Optional Services: These options should default to Decline, but you can change any option to Purchase. Select Submit to continue.
  4. Review and Submit: Review the course one last time. Select Submit to either enroll in the course or add it to your shopping cart. Note: You will be unable to enroll before your enrollment date.

Enroll in Courses You’ve Put in Your Shopping Cart

If you have courses in your shopping cart and are ready to enroll, follow these quick steps:

  • From your Student Homepage, select Manage Classes then Shopping Cart.
  • Select the term in which you want to enroll.
  • Select the checkbox(es) shown with the course(s) in your cart, then select Enroll.

Tips for Better Search Results

You can search for courses multiple ways. Here are some tips to get you started.

You can search for courses offered that will fulfill a certain UCORE requirement.

Start by following Step 3 above, Search for Classes, up through #5. After you choose the campus, then select a UCORE designator (such as [ROOT]) in the University Common Requirement (UCORE) field.

Select Search to view the UCORE courses offered.

Summer Session is made up of several shorter sessions (Early 6-week, Late 6-week, Early 7-week, Late 7-week, 12-week, Dynamic Dated, and the 3-week Intersession). You can search for the courses that are offered during a particular session, or those that do not follow a specific session, referred to as Dynamic Dated courses.

Start by following Step 3 above, Search for Classes, up through #5.

Select the appropriate option from the Session menu to find courses offered during a particular session. Note: Intersession is offered only on Global Campus. You can access the courses offered during Intersession by leaving the campus field blank or by selecting Global Campus as the campus.

Summer Session is made up of several shorter sessions and courses that do not follow a scheduled session. You can search for the courses that start on or after a certain date, or before a certain date.

Start by following Step 3 above, Search for Classes, up through #5.

Select a date under Start Date to find courses that begin before or after a particular date. This search option can be useful along with other search options. For example, to find undergraduate Pullman Campus psychology courses that start after June 20, select Undergraduate as the career, Pullman for the campus, Psychology Courses under Available Subjects, and is on or after 06/20/2021 for the start date.

The results list two undergraduate Psychology courses that start after June 20 available on the Pullman campus.

By selecting the first course listed, PSYCH 105, you will find important information about the course. Under Room it indicates WEB Online, so the course is online. However, under Days and Times it indicates that the class meets Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. So students will need to be prepared to meet synchronously every weekday at 10:30 a.m. as determined by the instructor.

You can search for courses offered in the summer that end by a particular date. This search option can be useful along with other search options. Here’s an example.

Start by following Step 3 above, Search for Classes, up through #5. Say you want to find Undergraduate Global Campus courses that fulfill the [HUM] Humanities UCORE requirement and end by June 30. Select Undergraduate as the career, Global Campus for the campus, [HUM] Humanities under University Common Requirement (UCORE), and is on or before 06/30/2021 for the end date.

The results list 12 undergraduate Global Campus courses that fulfill the [HUM] UCORE requirement and end by June 30.

To locate a class number for a course, you can start by browsing the courses that are offered at the WSU Schedules of Classes (


  • From the Schedules of Classes, select the appropriate link for the campus of your choice and Summer 2021). Then select a prefix to browse for courses in a specific area, such as HISTORY.
  • Once you’ve found a course you want to enroll in, there may be more than one section of the course offered. Each section has its own class number. For example, HISTORY 305 has three sections. The class number for section 1 is 11011, section 2 is 11012, and section 3 is 14951. If a section if full, seats may be available in another section.
  • Copy or make note of the class number.


  • Now back in myWSU…
  • From your Student Homepage select the Manage Classes tile.
  • Then select Class Search and Enroll and choose the term in which you want to enroll, 2021 Summer.
  • Remember the Class Number you copied from the Schedules of Classes? Enter it here in the Search For Classes field to view the results.