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Summer Session 2022 Info

Please check back in December for Summer Session 2022 information.

Summer Session Transfer Students

About 50 percent of students who transfer to WSU need to take HISTORY 305: Roots of Contemporary Issues for Transfer Students, to fulfill the UCORE ROOT requirement.  Check with your academic advisor to find out if you need to complete this requirement. The course provides historical background and multiple perspectives on globally relevant issues, from the environment to globalization, race and religion, and conflict.

HISTORY 305 is offered online through WSU Global Campus as a 6-week course during the summer. Three sections are available to meet your needs.

  • The first section goes from May 10 – June 18 and is open to all WSU students who have transferred in from another college.
  • Two more sections run from June 21 – July 30. Because of the later summer start, these sections are ideal for current community college students who are finishing their spring quarter and are planning to transfer to Pullman in the fall. They can get a jumpstart on fall by taking this class during the late summer.

Financial Aid

A minimum of 6 credits are required for financial aid during Summer Session. If you plan on taking 6 or more credits, you may qualify for financial aid. You will need to have the current academic year’s (2020-21) FAFSA on file with WSU. Visit the WSU Financial Aid for Summer Session website for more information.