Tuition Due Dates and Late Fees

Summer Session 2022 Info

There are no summer advising holds, but be sure to discuss your summer enrollment plans with your advisor.

2022 Sessions

Early 6-week  |
Early 7-week  |
12-week/Reg.  |
Late 6-week  |
Late 7-week  |
Intersession  |

May 9–June 19
May 9–June 26
May 9–July 29
June 20-July 31
June 27-Aug 14
July 30-Aug 21

2022 Registration Dates

Priority/Seniors  |
Juniors  |
Sophomores  |
Freshmen/Non-Degree  |

March 7
March 8
March 9
March 10

Session DatesTuition Due Date*Late Fees Assessed
Early 6-weekMay 9June 3, July 1, July 29
Early 7-weekMay 9June 3, July 1, July 29
12-weekMay 9June 3, July 1, July 29
Late 6-week June 20July 1, July 29
Late 7-weekJune 27July 1, July 29
IntersessionJuly 30n/a

*Tuition is due on the first day of class; assessment of late fees for unpaid tuition will begin on the dates listed above. These fees are cumulative; accounts will be assessed a $33 fee on each deadline that the balance remains unpaid. Payment plans are not available for summer session.

Besides incurring late fees, failure to pay tuition will result in:

  • Registration hold—you will not be able to register in future terms until your account is current
  • Transcript hold—you will not be able to order your WSU transcript

Note: WSU does not drop students from their courses or withhold grades due to nonpayment.